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Your lawn represents your home, therefore your lawn deserves to look its best. We offer top notch fertilization services. Let Turner’s Lawn Care want to give your yard the TLC it deserves!

Lawn Fertilization

Fertilizing your lawn is key to having a beautiful yard. At Turner’s Lawn Care we take great pride in providing your lawn with the fertilizer it needs. Our liquid fertilizer is great for stimulating the growth of the grass on your property. In order to best treat your lawn we take a soil analysis to best determine how much fertilizer your yard needs. How does this work? We take a sample of soil from a specific field and test that soil to see how much of each nutrient is present. The analysis will provide us with the solutions we need to help your yard grow. The analysis gives an estimate of the amount fertilizer nutrients needed to supplement those that are currently in the soil.

Shrub Fertilization

Nicely fertilized grass needs to be complimented with nicely fertilized shrubbery! Shrubs are constantly facing attacks from different pests and good fertilizer can provide shrubs with the nutrients they need to be able to fight off the diseases these pests can potentially spread. Similarly to lawn fertilization, we can take a soil sample from the soil your shrubs are growing from to be able to determine the fertilizer we need to provide your shrubs with the nutrients they’re missing.

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